There is a near daily question of, “Are you an artist?”. 

In my gut and my heart, I know that I am, but the distance to my head has not yet been fully traversed and the distance to my hand feels like an eon away. I rarely give a confident “YES, I am a writer and a film producer.” 

I need to start saying so. 

That will create some level of accountability for me.

I also need to start acting like it. 

My regular musings have refined my ability to write but as a dear friend correctly pointed out, they are only for myself. I fail my own criteria of an artist by hiding behind my screen and never allowing the words to see the light of day and more particularly the assessing eye of an audience. New perspective for myself and for the masses will never be possible if I continue on the trajectory of personal work for personal sake.

It is time to start being an artist instead of just making art.