E1507 life with art, dining room and Mark Eisendrath

E1507: Philosophy of the space

E1507 life with art, dining room and Mark Eisendrath

Mark Eisendraths work overlooking the workbench table at E1507

What happens when the objects that surround you speak to you because:
They are beautiful
They are created by someone you know
They tell a story
They stand for something important to you

We adorn the walls of E1507 with work that were thoughtfully made by the artists that Scott has the privilege of working with in his career. Although the space is beautiful, the wonderful artwork on the walls are the harmony that stands out.

The work on the walls of E1507 appeal to us. There is something in the color, the composition, or the forms that cause a neurochemical cascade that results in joy.
It is cliche to say, but visual beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Different things will strike each of our fancy differently. THIS IS A VERY GOOD THING, we each have our own taste.
We can not guarantee that all the work shared in the space will be to everyone’s aesthetic delight. That type of work does not exist. It also does not mean that the work is not high quality. Like all things in life, art work has value that goes beyond just the visual or surface sensation that it evokes.
If you choose to surround yourself with art work, there is a good chance that you are assured to experience regular glimpses of inspiration and daily doses of euphoria.

The more you know about the creator of an object the more likely that object has meaning to you. When we purchase something, knowledge of the creator is referred to as brand. Apple, Cadillac, Coke, Dewalt, Disney, Rawlings, Under Armor have values that we know and may appreciate. The same is true of the makers of art.
The details about the artist are an important piece of context about the art. They are just like you. They are human. They have families. They were born somewhere. They have experienced significant life events. Some like dogs, some like cats and some don’t like either. They have philosophies. They watch the movies you do. They read the books you do. They follow the instagram stars you do.
The wonderful thing about the artist that is just like you … they have the ability to do things with paint or photography or a medium that you likely can not. They can say things you were thinking but may not have had the words or ability to express!
If you know the artist, there is a good chance you know what they stand for and they may be standing for the same things you are. Your walls can say the things you have always wanted to say, but lacked the voice to do so.

All things, with the exception of the start of the universe, are created in the midst of some context. Art does not happen in isolation. There is always a story.
Art work is produced by someone, the creator has a story (see previous section) Art work is produced in a place. Much of the work on display at E1507 has been made in Baltimore. Art work is produced during a period in time. Likely, much of the work in our space has been produced during a time that we are familiar with. All of these details come together to provide context to the visual statement. These details in tandem with the art can tell a story that words can not.
If you surround yourself with objects that hold stories, there is a good chance you will become a storyteller. Telling stories is a powerful asset to possess as a human. With art work, you have an object that can guide you to shared laughter, contemplation, and wonder. Along with displaying great taste, you can further enhance qualities you possess or desire to possess.

We all want to be known. We especially want people to see our goodness. It is pleasurable to hear that we come from good stock, that we have made wise choices, and that we have done the hard work. OUR awareness that others are aware of who we are, can fulfill us beyond what we find within ourselves.
The works on these walls are important to us for a variety of reasons. They cause us to pause because they are beautiful. They are made by people we know, we respect, and we like. They tell a story that we want to share.
If you surround yourself with objects that are important to you, the world will know the authentic you. It is not an assurance of their love, but it is certainly a significant step towards the divine feeling.