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Uncertain Musings: Where do you stand?

The Current State of our Home, March 2020

Peace is awareness without fear.

It comes from knowing what you can control and acting; while also knowing what you do not control and letting go.

The turning points in our life happen when we understand how little we control but how powerful those few things can be.

OR we recognize that something we thought was within our means is truly not.

It is precisely times where everything swirls in chaos that we have incredible opportunities to redefine ourselves. These moments, or periods, force us to question what we are about and what we can actually do to accomplish those goals. 

And if it is a chaos that is impacting the world beyond our mind, there is a good chance that everything is being questioned.

There will be a new normal once everything settles down and you are not beholden to who you might have been prior to the tumult consuming society.

Do you know where you will stand when the world continues?

Do you know upon what you will stand when the earth finds its equilibrium?